PDF What Do I Need–How Can We Help Each Other Right Now

Welcome to our site for learning how to love.  Jesus said that we should love one another. The goal of this site is to help you learn how to do that better.  The way we do this is simple: to give spiritual care, first identify which of the six spiritual needs is greatest for the person. Then, meet that need as well as you can. There are several ways to do practice these principles:

  • Study and practice these principles by yourself for your own spiritual growth.
  • Learn to apply these principles one-on-one to improve your relationships and love people better.
  • Form a partnership or small group and practice spiritual care for each other in your group.
  • As a small group, support each other in caring for the spiritual needs of people outside the group.
  • Help others in a similar path of caring first for one’s own needs, then for other individuals, and finally for the needs of one’s community.

This site is still being developed. Hopefully more will be coming soon.  Here are our current pages:

How to Help Each Other Resources

Small Group Meeting Agenda