What Do I Need?

  • I want to make a difference.
  • I want to help people in need.
  • I want to make life better for people.
  • I am ready to work. I’m willing to serve.
  • I feel passionate about what I’m doing.
  • I need opportunities to be useful.
  • I am limited in my ability to accomplish my goals.
  • I feel called to serve God.
  • I have questions. I want to learn.
  • I want to help, but I don’t know how.
  • I love discovering new ideas.
  • I’m confused. I don’t understand. I have doubts.
  • I feel challenged by other philosophies and ideas.
  • I want to understand God, heaven, life and love.
  • I love digging deep in the Lord’s Word.
  • I want to connect with other people.
  • I want to feel that I belong.
  • I’m lonely. I need friendship.
  • I want someone to listen to me.
  • I want to be with people who share my values.
  • Nobody knows what I’m going through.
  • I feel lost. I need directions.
  • I don’t feel at home in this culture.
  • God has abandoned me.
  • I feel low.
  • I’m worried.
  • I feel vulnerable.
  • I don’t want anyone to know what my issues are.
  • I’m struggling with grief.
  • I’m struggling with shame.
  • I want to crawl in a hole and hide.
  • I want to make peace with my past.
  • I want something to look forward to.
  • I’m no good. I have nothing to offer.
  • I just don’t want anyone to be hurt.
  • I feel resentful or angry.
  • I keep indulging unhealthy desires.
  • I’m struggling with addiction.
  • My life is falling apart.
  • I have hurt people.
  • People have hurt me.
  • I’m sick of feeling pain.
  • I’m struggling with fear. I’m not safe.
  • I feel stuck.
  • I can’t decide what direction my life should go.
  • I have no control over my life.
  • I can’t make any progress.
  • All my problems come from other people.
  • Nothing I do makes any difference.
  • I don’t have any good options.
  • I have made bad choices.